Knowing Just How Much Is A Bearded Dragon

Since their discovery in the 18th century, bearded dragons have found their way into the homes of humans in recent years. Their docile temperament and entertaining behaviors have caused them to be known as one of the most commonly domesticated reptiles in the planet. And since you are on this page, I believe that you are also interested in adopting a bearded dragon into your home. But the question of how much is a bearded dragon may be bothering you. You don’t want to go into a reptile or pet shop without any idea of how much you will have to pay for them.

Well, the prices of bearded dragons differ depending on their breed, color, sex and size. A typical male dragon can cost about $75 but a good-looking full-grown female bearded dragon can have a price tag of $900. Bearded dragons exist in 8 varieties— Eastern bearded dragon/ Pogona barbata, Dwarf bearded dragon/ Pogona minor, Inland Bearded Dragon/ Pogona vitticeps, Western bearded dragon/Pogona minima, Small-scaled or Drysdale River bearded dragon/Pogona microlepidota, Mitchell’s bearded dragon/Pogona mitchelli, Nullabor bearded dragon/Pogona nullabor, Rankin’s or Lawson’s bearded dragon/Pogona henrylawsoni.—but only two species are normally available outside Australia, the Pogona vitticeps and the Pogona barbata. All the other breeds can be rarely found for sale in the market; but when they do become available, they are sold at very high prices.

But aside from the actual cost of the dragon you will also have to spend money for its supplies—enclosure or cage, substrate, lighting, heating, furniture and food. A typical pre-made 50 to 75 gallon screen-topped glass tank for your reptile can cost about $70 to $100. But you can opt to build your own cage or enclosure if you want to cut cost, just make sure that you build it appropriately for your bearded dragon. For your dragon’s food, you can give it a variety of greens, vegetables and fruits daily and an occasional serving of insects—food will cost you about $15 to $20 per week. All the other equipment (substrate, lighting, heating and furniture) will cost you about $100 more. So all in all, getting a bearded dragon pet will cost you an average of $300. Not bad for such a lovable and entertaining creature.

Bearded dragons have the capacity to live for as long as 10 years when cared for properly; so what is sparing a little amount of money for a creature that can be with you and your family for quite a long time? Pets are not only entertaining but they can also help your kids become responsible adults. And a bearded dragon is one of the best pet you can get.

Before I end, you may be wondering if these reptiles really do have beards since they are called “bearded” dragons. Well, bearded dragons do not really have real beards (the ones made of hair); but they have been given this name because they have this spike-lined pouch in their throat that looks like a beard when distended.

UK Pet Shops

 Bearded Dragon  Price
2 year old Bearded Dragon for sale

Gillingham, Kent, UK


£150 o.n.o

Baby Bearded Dragon

March, Cambridgeshire, UK     


Female Bearded Dragon

Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK (13/01/2011)



Pair Breeding Bearded Dragons                                                      

Bradford, West Yorkshire





Beautiful Baby Bearded Dragons for Sale                                        

Mold, Flintshire



4 Month Baby Beardies Need Homes Asap                                      

St Helens, Merseyside                                                                                   





2 Pairs of Bearded Dragons with Vivs

fareham, Hampshire, UK                                                                   

£150 -180


Baby Bearded Dragons, Various Colours                                         

Torpoint, Cornwall, UK


Baby Bearded Dragon and Full Set Up                                            

Immingham, Lincolnshire, UK


£200 o.n.o

Beautiful Orange/Red Bearded Dragon                                            

Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire, UK



Stunning Bearded Dragons for Sale                                                  

London, Essex, UK


Gorgeous Bearded Dragons for Sale Stunning

London, Essex, UK



Breeding Pair of Citrus Bearded Dragons     

llandudno junction, Gwynedd, UK


£300 o.n.o

Bearded Dragons and Viv For Sale                                                   

Liverpool, Merseyside, UK


£250 o.n.o
Bearded Dragon and Vivarium for Sale                                            

Colchester, Essex, UK



3 Bearded Dragons with Beech 48Inch Viv                                     

Preston, Lancashire



Male Bearded Dragon                                                                                   

Northampton, Northamptonshire, UK



7 Baby Bearded Dragons Left...                                                       

London, London, UK



Breeding Pair of Bearded Dragons                                                   

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK


£200 o.n.o

Proven Breeding Adult Bearded Dragons                                        

 Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK


Tame Male Bearded Dragon and Vivarium                                       

Nelson, Lancashire, UK


Sub-Adult Bearded Dragon and Set Up                                                       

Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK


Firetiger Baby Bearded Dragons for Sale                                         

Canterbury, Kent, UK


 Bearded Dragon Setups 

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